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About Take Wake Schools Back (TWSB)

Take Wake Schools Back is a PAC (Political Action Committee) formed in response to outrage by the parents, students and taxpayers of Wake County to policies implemented by the current Wake County Board of Education. School reassignment is only ONE of the problems with the way tax dollars are being spent, and education is being administered, in our county.

Our goal is to raise money in order to identify and support local candidates who will listen to the people with a stake in the system including parents, students and the taxpayers and to
ake Wake Schools Back. We must stop social engineering and instead focus on improving the quality of education and preparing our students for life.

Drawing from education advocacy groups throughout Wake County, North Carolina, the PAC seeks to make Wake County schools accountable to the parents who rely on it and the taxpayers who fund it.

The Core Values of Take Wake Schools Back Are:

  • Community schools - Use of busing only to ease overcrowding as a short-term solution, while new schools are built in the neighborhoods that need them now;
  • Accountability – A Wake County School Board that is accountable to Wake parents, students and taxpayers and members and will lead based on principle;
  • Flexibility – Revision of the student assignment policy, which includes supporting stability for individual students, keeping siblings together, and recognizing families as individuals rather than nodes within a system. This also includes creation of additional options for parents and students when a proposed assignment is unfavorable;
  • Transparency – Support of at-large school board elections, currently being proposed in the N.C. General Assembly, in addition to the need for a full capacity audit of the schools; and
  • Excellence – Commitment to improving the quality of education via use of common sense above social engineering as well as coherent and content-rich curriculum standards.

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